We believe that when you browse services online you should be able to get a price without having to make phone calls or send emails.  We believe in being transparent so you can understand up front what your service will cost. Therefore we have a fair pricing schedule below. Our very competitive prices and charges are below as a guide to estimating the cost of gutter cleaning services in your area;

Small House (under 40m of gutters)        $220   

Medium House (40-80m of gutters)        $275     

Large House/2 Storey (80m+ of gutters)       $330  

Basic unblocking of downpipes: Free with each service Rinse out of downpipes: Free with each service. Replacement of downpipe: $249

 ** Please tell us if you have;

1. Low overhanging branches making gutters inaccessible

2. Gutter mesh or gutter guard installed

as this may affect prices of cleaning your gutters **

(If your downpipes are blocked heavily and can’t be cleared with an eel or hose we may remove and replace it altogether. If the blockage is below ground level we may refer you onto a plumber as this falls outside the scope of our work). Great Barrier

Leaf Gutter Guard installation: Approx. $15 per linear metre supplied & installed


Please understand, these prices should be used as a guide. It is possible your roof may not fit within an expected range, therefore we may have to quote independently of this guide. Also, if you have gutter guard or mesh installed, please let us know, as this will affect the cost of cleaning your gutters. We will provide an estimate on site. We will guarantee our work to your 100% satisfaction, even recycle your green waste for environmental kindness. If you request, we can mulch your garden with the waste at no cost to you.